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Meet the SFU researcher hoping to put a friendly face on spiders

They’re a spooky staple of Halloween, and one of the vital creepy critters steadily cited a number of the scariest, however that’s no longer preventing one SFU researcher from learning spiders.

Andreas Fischer has devoted his occupation to studying about spiders, and runs a lab that homes greater than 600 of them.

And in the event you’re an SFU pupil, you may wish to shut your eyes for this section: he collects them from the college’s hallways.

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Fisher’s analysis specializes in the pheromones spiders emit, the chemical compounds he says they use to keep up a correspondence with one some other.

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Whilst 18 in step with cent of guys and as much as 50 in step with cent of ladies admit to arachnophobia, Fischer says the eight-legged critters are misunderstood, and are in truth our buddies — because of the paintings they do consuming different bugs.

In all his years learning spiders, Fischer says he’s by no means been bitten. What’s extra, he says if he used to be, it wouldn’t subject a lot since there are simply “a handful” of arachnids with venom that might hurt a human.

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In B.C., simply a kind of spiders exists: the enduring black widow. However even then, Fischer says they get a nasty rap.

Regardless of its probably fatal venom, he stated the black widow is usually reluctant to chunk, and can normally most effective accomplish that if squeezed.

He says he’s hoping to make use of the Halloween season to unfold a little bit details about spiders, and assist the misunderstood bugs rehabilitate their reputations.

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