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Port Coquitlam mayor calls government reaction to opioid crisis ‘gutless,’ demands public inquiry

Port Coquitlam Mayor Brad West is looking for a public inquiry into the opioid disaster and its ties to out of the country arranged crime teams.

West accused the federal and provincial governments of being “gutless” in terms of tackling the continued disaster.

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“We’ve had this case the place fentanyl is pouring into our nation, pouring into British Columbia from China, killing 1000’s of our folks,” he stated.

“There may be arranged crime from China that’s making tens of millions and tens of millions — perhaps billions — of bucks in benefit from off of that drug business… after which they’re washing that cash blank in our casinos and in our actual property, which additionally has devastating penalties for our neighborhood.

“What we wish to do is take our province again. We want a central authority this is going to get up for our personal folks and say, ‘That is going to prevent.’”

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West stated a multi-part World Information investigation at the hyperlinks between opioids, arranged crime, on line casino and actual property highlights the will for an investigation just like the Charbonneau Fee, the large four-year public inquiry into corruption and collusion in Quebec’s development business.

“They’d a fee that no longer best regarded into issues however had the power to put fees, had the power to position this topic sooner than the courts and spot folks cross to prison. That’s what we want.”

West stated the inquiry would have a a long way larger have an effect on than the unbiased document from Peter German that was once launched in June.

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“We want folks to be held criminally responsible,” he stated. “An abnormal individual may by no means escape with this. An abnormal individual may by no means do what those people have achieved and simply skate loose.”

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The Charbonneau Fee launched its findings in a 1,700-page document in 2015, with inquiry chair Justice France Charbonneau announcing that even she was once surprised via the intensity and breadth of the corruption she exposed.

The commissioners submitted 60 suggestions to the provincial Liberal executive.

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“We wish to have a central authority that’s no longer going to simply want these items away and take a look at and distract folks and hope they’re no longer paying consideration.”

“That is so important to the way forward for our province and our nation. It’s the No. 1 factor we will have to be keen on.”

— With information from Monique Muise

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