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Watch As Lake Erie Sends A Massive 40-Foot 'Ice Tsunami' Crashing Ashore

A large “ice tsunami” created a surreal scene at the shores of Lake Erie in each Ontario, Canada, and close to Buffalo, New York, over the weekend. 

Top winds driven ice in the course of the Niagara River and into the lake, and in the end compelled it ashore, developing what’s extra officially referred to as an “ice shove” in Castle Erie, Canada and Hamburg, N.Y.

Typhoon chaser David Piano instructed CNN the ice wall was once 40 ft top in spots and “beginning to bulldoze timber and side road lamps.” 

Identical scenes have been reported somewhere else alongside Lake Erie, together with at Hoover Seashore in Hamburg, simply out of doors of Buffalo. WGRZ, the native NBC station, mentioned the ice shove hit 30 ft top in portions of Hoover Seashore:

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